Longevity has officially become a competitive sport.

Welcome to the ‘Rejuvenation Olympics.’ In this contest founded by tech entrepreneur and longevity bro Bryan Johnson, anti-agers take their health obsession to new levels. Just not dying isn’t enough. Instead, you have to not-die better than your competitor…

Johnson came up with an antiaging competition that anyone can enter so long as they have completed a specific blood test to measure how fast they are aging biologically.

Online leaderboards launched in January 2023 track who’s the best anti-ager.

The key metric is ‘pace of aging,’ or how fast your body is aging biologically per calendar year, as measured by a blood test from a company that manages the competition. Someone whose pace of aging is reported to be .85, for example, is said to be aging roughly 10 months for each year that passes. The test costs $230.

The leaderboard ranks entrants by the lowest average rate of aging.”

From Wall Street Journal.