Working Less for More

The Great Enrichment

The world is now richer than ever. In 200 years, the economy has grown more than a hundred fold.

The End of Poverty

Only 200 years ago, more than 80% of the world lived in extreme poverty. Today, it is under 9%.

Peak Population

As education levels increase, people tend to choose to have fewer children. As a result, population growth will peak sooner than previously expected.

The End of Famine

Improvements in productivity, yields, and availability of crops have historically increased the world’s food supply.

More Land for Nature

As people turn to urban life, woodlands are expanding and spaces being recovered for other species to rebound and thrive.

Planet City

The urbanization of the world’s population translates into more wealth, innovation and environmentally-conscious lives.

Democracy on the March

After the demise of modern autocracies in the 20th century, democracy has become the most popular form of government.

The Long Peace

Wars have become increasingly rarer as countries tend to be more democratic, wealthier and economically intertwined.

A Safer World

The probability of surviving a natural disaster has dramatically increased, as countries become wealthier and technologies more available.

Life Options Are Expanding

The HDI shows how life expectancy, education and income per capita has improved around the world in the last few decades.

Global Happiness Is Rising

Self-reported happiness, related to subjective well being, has increased as countries become freer and richer.