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Global Income Is Rising

Since the Industrial Revolution, humanity made over twice as much progress in 100 years as it did in the previous 1,800, raising the global GDP per capita at an astonishing pace.

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Health & Demographics

Life Expectancy is Rising

For most of human history, people only lived for about 30 years. In the last two centuries, the global life expectancy has risen to 72 years.

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Politics & Freedom

Democracy on the March

After the demise of modern autocracies in the 20th century, democracy has become the most popular form of government.

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Food & Hunger

The End of Famine

Improvements in productivity, yields, and availability of crops have historically increased the world’s food supply.

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Science & Education

More Years in School

The rise in the number of average years of education is closely correlated to the progress humanity has made regarding economic growth.

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