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Bio-Artificial Liver Approved for Clinical Trials in China

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Bio-Artificial Liver Approved for Clinical Trials in China

“A stem-cell-based artificial liver created by researchers at the Southern Medical University has now been approved for clinical trials by regulators in China. If the problems are cleared successfully, the novel approach could help millions of people battling liver failure worldwide.”

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The Economist | Health & Medical Care

The World’s First Pathway for Individually Designed Drugs

“The Medicines and Health-care products Regulatory Agency is working with Genomics England, Oxford University and Mila’s Miracle Foundation, a charity, to develop a regulatory pathway to allow one-off drugs to be designed and approved for use in individual patients in less than a year.”

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Wall Street Journal | Health & Medical Care

Gene Editing and Health Investing May Change Medicine

“Gene editing is part of a broader therapeutic revolution that encompasses genetic and cellular medicine. The pills and injections we are all familiar with generally target proteins or pathways in the body to treat disease. With gene and cell therapy, we can now target the root cause of disease, sometimes curing patients.”
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Rwanda on Track to Achieve Zero Malaria in 2030

“Rwanda Biomedical Center has announced that it targets to achieve ‘zero malaria’ in 2023 following a significant decline in the infection-related cases, according to officials….

Dr. Jean Louis Ndikumana Mangara, Director of Malaria Prevention Unit at Rwanda Biomedical Center, points out that a decrease of approximately 85 percent has been observed since 2016.”

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