In so many ways, humanity is making progress—and now, so has our website. Your favorite digital source of rational optimism has had a complete makeover. Our team has been hard at work on this transformation for months, and we are thrilled to finally unveil these changes. With an updated brand design, more intuitive navigation, and fresh features, there’s a lot to explore! Let’s walk through some of the highlights.

Our revamped homepage, search tools, and navigation bar make it simpler for you to access what you’re looking for, whether that’s our latest articles or our Instagram feed. But the heart of our website will always be our vast library of data, and our refashioned Data section makes studying the long-term improvements in human well-being as straightforward as can be. Instantly take stock of what’s available with our interactive treemap chart, which sorts our data sets by subject. You can click on a section of the chart to see greater detail or scroll down the page to view featured data sets and our data categories.

When you’ve found a data set that you want to explore, our overhauled data workspace makes diving into the data easier than ever while also letting you dig deeper than before. You can now access the entire data library from within the workspace and visualize those data sets across a variety of chart types, from line charts to connected scatterplots. We’ve also added new advanced features, including the option to display data on a logarithmic scale and select between different color schemes. If you create a visualization you’d like to share, you can now easily export it as a social-media-ready image, a GIF that shows change over time, or embeddable code for your blog or website.

For example, at the top of this page is a customized map showing how life expectancy at birth differs in different countries around the world. The new “embed” feature makes it possible to share the interactive visualization in this article. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Visit the Data section or our User’s Guide to see all the new features.

For a fully curated overview of some of the most important long-term trends, check out our brand-new Trends section. Explore the Top 10 Trends or, if you’re interested in a particular subject, filter the content by category to see only Technology Trends, Natural Resource Trends, etc. To browse all of our website’s content by subject area, visit the Topics section. We value your time, so we’ve reorganized and simplified the way we categorize our content to help you quickly find what interests you.

Our Projects page makes it effortless to tour the various special projects that make Human Progress so unique, including familiar favorites like the Simon Abundance Index, the Doomslayer newsletter, and the timeless Heroes of Progress series; innovations like the Grim Old Days, a collection of contemporary accounts of daily life in the past meant to deromanticize the world our ancestors inhabited; and even a section just for teachers, Classroom Resources. And that’s not all. Head over to the Projects page to see everything it has to offer. And podcast fans will want to waste no time before stopping by our new Podcasts page, where you can listen to the popular Human Progress Podcast and more directly on our website.

We hope you like the new look. Welcome to the new and improved Human Progress!

The Human Progress Team