“‘Network operators are using AI to manage the radio frequencies dynamically, to provide an optimum level of service. And to manage cell towers, for example, so they use less energy at times of lower demand.’

Such increased use of AI to look after mobile phone networks is now very much global. In South Korea, Korea Telecom is now able to localise and fix faults within a minute, thanks to AI-enabled network monitoring, says Alex Sinclair, chief technology officer of the GSMA, the body representing global mobile operators.

Meanwhile, AT&T in the US is using predictive, AI algorithms schooled on trillions of previous network alerts to warn it when things are about to go wrong.

Other operators, like Vodafone, are using AI digital twins – virtual digital replicas of real-world equipment, such as masts and antennas – to constantly monitor how their networks are performing.

And AI is also being used to manage how increasingly massive data centres use energy to keep their servers cool and optimise storage capacity.”

From BBC.