“When Gabriel Vichera was 30, working in an Argentine lab that had just cloned the first horse in Latin America, he read one day that Cambiaso had auctioned a Cuartetera clone for $800,000. The young scientist saw a business opportunity and pitched it to investors: a company dedicated to cloning horses for Argentine polo.

More than a decade later, Vichera said his firm, Kheiron Biotech, clones about 100 horses each year — more than just about any company in the world — including about 10 Cuarteteras. Next year, the company expects to double its output. Although clones are still not permitted in horse racing, top-flight horses sell for upward of $1 million to the best polo clubs in Argentina, to endurance riders in the Middle East and to show-jumping equestrians around the world.”

From The Washington Post.