“The humanoid robotics market is starting to heat up, and the company that’s been doing this the longest isn’t going to sit by and watch. Boston Dynamics has a new humanoid robot that the company says represents a path to commercialization. It’s the company’s next-generation, all-electric “Atlas” robot.

While new Atlas and old Atlas share a name, they couldn’t be more different when it comes to construction. The old Atlas—a research platform and viral sensation that could handle nearly any terrain, do backflips, and pick up heavy objects—was powered by a heavy, complicated hydraulics system. The new Atlas is all-electric and looks like it’s a fraction of the size and weight of the hydraulic version. It also looks like a product, with covers around all the major components and consumer-friendly design touches like a giant status light in the head and a light-up power button that looks like it was ripped right from the Spot assembly line.”

From Ars Technica.