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Alan Turing: Cracking the Nazis’ “Enigma” code | Heroes of Progress | Ep. 34

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Alan Turing: Cracking the Nazis’ “Enigma” code | Heroes of Progress | Ep. 34

Turing is often considered the “Father of Computer Science.”

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IBM Releases First-Ever 1,000-Qubit Quantum Chip

“IBM has unveiled the first quantum computer with more than 1,000 qubits — the equivalent of the digital bits in an ordinary computer. But the company says it will now shift gears and focus on making its machines more error-resistant rather than larger.

For years, IBM has been following a quantum-computing road map that roughly doubled the number of qubits every year. The chip unveiled on 4 December, called Condor, has 1,121 superconducting qubits arranged in a honeycomb pattern. It follows on from its other record-setting, bird-named machines, including a 127-qubit chip in 2021 and a 433-qubit one last year.”

From Nature.

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New Breed of Supercomputer Aims for the Two Quintillion Mark

“Inside a vast data center on the outskirts of Chicago, the most powerful supercomputer in the world is coming to life. The machine will be able to analyze connections inside the brain and help design batteries that charge faster and last longer.

Called Aurora, the supercomputer’s high-performance capabilities will be matched with the latest advances in artificial intelligence. Together they will be used by scientists researching cancer, nuclear fusion, vaccines, climate change, encryption, cosmology and other complex sciences and technologies.”

From Wall Street Journal.