“Pajaros Uno Island, once overrun by invasive rats that preyed upon seabird eggs and chicks, has undergone a dramatic transformation.

In August 2020, Island Conservation launched a project to eliminate these predators and restore the island’s natural balance. After a dedicated effort, the island was declared predator-free in December 2022, paving the way for native species to reclaim their home…

To expedite the return of the yuncos, Island Conservation implemented a clever strategy known as ‘social attraction.’ This involved playing audio recordings of bird calls to entice the birds back to their former nesting grounds.

The technique had proven successful on the nearby island of Chañaral, where it lured back another population of Peruvian Diving-Petrels.

In November 2023, the first sound system was installed on Pajaros Uno Island. Within a mere two weeks, the island’s camera traps captured the first images of yuncos exploring their restored haven.”

From Earth.com.