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Kavango-Zambèze Is an Area of Stability for Elephants

Afrik 21 | Conservation & Biodiversity

Kavango-Zambèze Is an Area of Stability for Elephants

“The 2023 survey report on elephants in the Kavango-Zambèze Transfrontier Area (KAZA) shows that elephant populations there are stable. In this region of southern Africa, which includes Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, the elephant population is estimated at 227,900 individuals.”

From Afrik 21.

Vulture Conservation Foundation | Conservation & Biodiversity

Record Cinereous and Griffon Vulture Pairs Observed in Bulgaria

“The Cinereous Vulture, listed as extinct as early as 1985 in the Red Book of Bulgaria and maintaining the same status in the 2011 edition, had not seen a single breeding pair until 2021. However, by 2024, the national population has surged to 18-20 pairs. Notably, 15-17 pairs, with at least 10 laying eggs, are situated in the two colonies Vrachanski Balkan/Ponor and Eastern Balkan Mountains…

During the current 2024 breeding period, the Griffon Vulture has achieved a record number in the autochthonous colonies in the Eastern Rhodopes, totalling 138 pairs.”

From Vulture Conservation Foundation.

ABC News | Conservation & Biodiversity

Large Number of Whale Sightings off New England

“A large number of whales visiting the waters off New England included an uncommon sighting of an orca eating a tuna and an unusually large group of an endangered species of whale, scientists said.

A research flight made 161 sightings of seven different species of whale on May 25 south of Martha’s Vineyard and southeast of Nantucket, officials with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday. The sightings included 93 of sei whales, and that is one of the highest concentrations of the rare whale during a single flight, the agency said.”

From ABC News.

Live Science | Energy & Natural Resources

Deposit of Rare Earth Elements Discovered in Norwegian Volcano

“The heart of an ancient volcano in Norway hosts Europe’s largest deposit of rare earth elements, according to the mining company Rare Earths Norway. 

On June 6, the company released a report on the deposit, which found that there is an estimated 8.8 megatons of rare earth oxides available in the outcrop. About 1.5 megatons of that is expected to be rare earth magnets, which are used in wind turbines and electric vehicles.”

From Live Science.

pv magazine | Energy & Natural Resources

China Switches on First Large-Scale Sodium-Ion Battery

“China Southern Power Grid Energy Storage, the energy storage division of China Southern Power Grid, has commissioned a 10 MWh sodium-ion battery storage station in Nanning, southwestern China.

The company said the facility is the first large-scale project of its kind in China.”

From pv magazine.