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Kate Sheppard: Women’s suffrage | Heroes of Progress | Ep. 27

Video | Women's Empowerment

Kate Sheppard: Women’s suffrage | Heroes of Progress | Ep. 27

Without Kate Sheppard's tireless work, billions of women around the world would have had to wait longer to achieve the political rights that they enjoy today.

Read the full article about Kate Sheppard here.

Brookings | Financial Market Development

Women’s Financial Inclusion Boosted in Sub-Saharan Africa

“In the 10 years leading up to 2021, the share of women in sub-Saharan Africa who owned a financial account more than doubled to reach 49%, according to data from the Global Findex.

Since 2017 alone, account ownership rates for women in the region increased 12 percentage points, driven entirely by increased adoption of mobile money accounts.”

From Brookings.

Reason | Science & Education

Could Elite Colleges Embrace the SAT Again?

“After a yearslong trend of elite colleges dropping standardized test requirements from their applications, the tide seems to be turning for the SAT. Long derided as unfair, unnecessary, or even sexist and racist, college entrance exams are gaining new defenders who point out that, contrary to common conception, standardized tests help—not hinder—talented yet disadvantaged students.”

From Reason.