“The virtual anchors Krish and Bhoomi provide weather forecasts, commodity prices, farming trends and updates on agri-research and state welfare programs to millions of farmers through Doordarshan’s Kisan channel. In Hindi, ‘kisan’ means farmer. The animated AI bots take the script and deliver it in natural tones.

For now, the tireless and ageless news-reading bots unveiled last month are limited to Hindi, the most prominent of India’s nearly two dozen official languages. In time, the promise is that AI will help them speak 50 languages and thus address a wider swath of the population.

Generative AI — which synthesizes text, images, audio or video based on prompts — is being used to fine-tune scripts and instantly translate content and interviews. Using a text prompt, the system can write a TV script or create a representative image to go with a story. With a few minutes of audio, such systems can also clone a voice. And it’s only the beginning.”

From Bloomberg.