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Bionic Silkworms Spin Fibers 6X Tougher than Kevlar

New Atlas | Manufacturing

Bionic Silkworms Spin Fibers 6X Tougher than Kevlar

“For the first time, scientists have successfully produced full-length spider silk fibers using genetically modified silkworms. With high strength and toughness, this silk has the potential to provide a scalable, sustainable and better-quality alternative to current synthetic fibers like nylon.”

From New Atlas.

Live Science | Space

“At Least 150,000 Tons” of Water Frost Discovered on Mars

“Water frost has been spotted atop Mars’ gargantuan equatorial volcanoes for the first time — defying previous beliefs that the presence of water there was impossible.

Scientists spotted a hair-thin dusting of frost atop the peaks of the volcanoes in the Tharsis region of the Red Planet — the largest mountains in the solar system, which tower up to three times the height of Mount Everest. In colder months, the frost could consist of up to 150,000 tons of water, or the equivalent of 60 Olympic swimming pools.”

From Live Science.

New York Times | Communications

Welcome to the Era of the AI Smartphone

“At its annual software developer conference on Monday, Apple showed a host of enhancements coming this fall to iOS 18, its operating system powering iPhones. The new tools include a revamped version of its voice assistant, Siri, that is easier to talk to and an A.I. system that will generate images, create summaries of web articles and craft responses to text messages and emails.

Apple’s news followed Google’s Android announcements last month, which included an A.I. system that automatically summarizes audio transcripts, detects whether a phone conversation is likely a scam and helps students with homework.”

From New York Times.

Axios | Science & Technology

Restaurant Robots Can Cook, Serve and Bus Your Meal Now

“At the National Restaurant Association’s recent big annual show in Chicago, tech companies showed up in force selling labor-saving robotics.

Among the winners of the association’s kitchen innovation awards: the ‘PizzaBot,’ which boasts that it can ‘accurately dispense your most expensive and labor-intensive toppings.’ Another was I-Robo2, a robotic stir-fry machine that can prepare 30 meals an hour. And then there’s the Alpha Grill, which can cook 200 hamburger patties an hour — and then clean itself.”

From Axios.

Axios | Scientific Research

Ancestry.com Uses AI to Boost Black Family Trees

“This week, Ancestry is making available newspaper records from before 1870 connected to more than 183,000 enslaved people, Nicka Sewell-Smith, Ancestry’s senior story producer and genealogist, tells Axios…

Users can visit Ancestry’s new landing page dedicated to enslavement records and either search by name or explore a state with the most records. AI will comb through the once-hard-to-search records of newspapers for names of enslaved people, connecting names in Ancestry’s other databases of probate documents to piece together puzzles.”

From Axios.