“By using an AI method known as a neural network, researchers were able to train Pancho’s implant to decode words based on the brain activity produced when he attempted to articulate them. This AI training method basically allows the brain implant, known scientifically as a brain-computer interface device, to process data in a way that is somewhat similar to the human brain.

By 2021, the technology had significantly helped restore Pancho’s ability to communicate, but only in English.

‘Speech decoding has primarily been shown for monolinguals but half the world is bilingual with each language contributing to a person’s personality and worldview,’ Chang’s research group said on X. ‘There is a need to develop decoders that let bilinguals communicate with both languages.’

However, the 2021 research served as the foundation to develop the decoding system that later made Pancho’s brain implant bilingual in Spanish and English.”

From NBC News.