“Over 10,000 MRI scans were used to develop and test AI algorithms. The top five AI submissions were combined into a super-algorithm, which was then compared to the assessments of radiologists using 400 prostate MRI scans.

This study is the first of its kind to transparently evaluate and compare the performance of AI against radiologist assessments and clinical outcomes on such a large scale. The research involved more than 200 AI teams and 62 radiologists from 20 countries. The accuracy of AI and radiologists was measured against a gold standard, with patient outcomes monitored over an average of five years.

The results were striking: AI detected nearly seven percent more significant prostate cancers than the radiologists. Moreover, AI triggered false alarms 50 percent less often, potentially reducing the number of unnecessary biopsies by half. These findings suggest that AI could significantly alleviate the workload of radiologists, improve diagnostic accuracy, and minimize unnecessary procedures.”

From Inside Precision Medicine.