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Scientists Photograph Never-Before-Seen Deep Sea Species

PetaPixel | Scientific Research

Scientists Photograph Never-Before-Seen Deep Sea Species

“Scientists used an underwater robot capable of reaching depths of 14,763 feet. Using the underwater robot, the scientists were able to map a total of 20,377 square miles of the seafloor.

This not only resulted in the discovery of over 100 new species, but also four new seamounts — each with its own distinct ecosystem.”

From PetaPixel.

Live Science | Science & Technology

“Digital Twin” of Earth Could Make Super Fast Weather Predictions

“Scientists have created a ‘digital twin’ of our planet that can be used to predict weather far faster than traditional services.

The technology could help prevent some of the catastrophic impacts of disasters such as typhoons and flooding. The intensive data-crunching system could also give us a more detailed view of the future effects of climate change and reveal clues about how to mitigate it.”

From Live Science.

New York Post | Science & Technology

The Man Leading the Masters with Irons Made by a 3D Printer

“Bryson DeChambeau not only finds himself in contention to win his first Masters this weekend, standing at 6-under-par and tied for the 36-hole lead, he’s doing it with a new set of irons he put into his bag this week.

A set of irons that are made by 3D printing and weren’t approved by the USGA until Tuesday.”

From New York Post.