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Jonas Salk: The Pioneer of the Polio Vaccine | Heroes of Progress | Ep. 5

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Jonas Salk: The Pioneer of the Polio Vaccine | Heroes of Progress | Ep. 5

Thanks to Salk's vaccine, a disease that has plagued humanity since pharaonic Egypt is almost completely eradicated.

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New Single-Dose Dengue Vaccine Shows 80 Percent Protection

“Results of a phase 3 trial in the New England Journal of Medicine show 80% protection for the single-dose tetravalent (four-strain) Butantan-Dengue Vaccine among participants with no evidence of previous dengue exposure and 89% protection in those with a history of exposure.

The vaccine is the culmination of years of research from Brazil’s Butantan Institute, and the study included results from 16 Brazilian centers located in all five regions of the country.”


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Malaria Vaccine Rollout in Africa Expands Dramatically

“Nearly 10 000 children in Burkina Faso and Cameroon have now received the RTS,S malaria vaccine since being introduced this year. A wider malaria vaccine rollout is underway this year in several African countries, with Cameroon being the first outside the malaria vaccine pilot programme to do so.”

From World Health Organization.

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Novel Type 2 Oral Polio Vaccine Secures WHO Prequalification

“The novel type 2 oral polio vaccine (nOPV2), developed by a team including scientists from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, has today (9 January) been quality-assured (prequalified) by the World Health Organization…

Prequalification is a mark of quality assurance granted by the WHO and will make it easier for more countries to access and use nOPV2.”

From News Medical.