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Female teachers in tertiary education
percent of all teachers, 1970-2016
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Ratio of literate girls to boys, aged 15 to 24, 1970-2016Gender Parity Index, gross primary enrollment ratio, ratio of girls to boys, 1970-2016Ratio of girls to boys in primary education, scale 0 to 1, 1970-2016Ratio of girls to boys in secondary education, scale 0 to 1, 1970-2016Ratio of girls to boys in tertiary education, scale 0 to 1, 1970-2016Gross intake ratio, first grade, girls, percent, 1970-2016Female out-of-school children, primary school, total number, 1970-2016Female repeaters, primary school, percent, 1970-2016Female share of graduates in science, percent, 1970-2016Female teachers in tertiary education, percent of all teachers, 1970-2016Gender Parity Index, elderly literacy rate, ratio of literate elderly women to literate elderly men, 1970-2016
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