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Hydrofluorocarbon emissions
gigagrams of CO2 equivalent, 1990-2014
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Hydrofluorocarbon emissions, gigagrams of CO2 equivalent, 1990-2014All ozone-depleting substances consumption, ODP metric tonnes, 1990-2014Sulfate oxide consumption, thousand tonnes of CO2 equivalent, 1990-2014Chlorofluorocarbon consumption, ODP tonnes, 1990-2014CO2 emissions, kilotons, 1990-2014CO2 emissions, per person, metric tons, 1990-2014Chlorofluorocarbon production, ODP tonnes, 1990-2014CO2 emissions, kilograms, per 2011 PPP dollar of GDP, 1990-2014Halons consumption, ODP tonnes, 1990-2014Carbon tetrachloride consumption, ODP tonnes, 1990-2014Sulphur Hexafluoride emissions, gigagrams of CO2 equivalent, 1990-2014CO2 emissions, kilograms, per 2010 U.S. dollar of GDP, 1990-2014Methyl Bromide consumption, ODP tonnes, 1990-2014Perfluorocarbon emissions, gigagrams of CO2 equivalent, 1990-2014Methyl Chloroform consumption, ODP tonnes, 1990-2014Total greenhouse gas emissions, kilotons of CO2 equivalent, 1990-2014Nitrous oxide emissions, thousand metric tons of CO2 equivalent, 1990-2014Methane emissions, kilotons of CO2 equivalent, 1990-2014
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