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11 jan 2016
It took five days to reach the U.S. East Coast from London in 1914. Today, it takes half-a-day.
The Best Map You Will See Today (cont.)
By Marian L. Tupy

Some of you may have seen my December 2 post showing an “isochronic” map of the world. The map visualized the length of time it took to get from London to anywhere else in the world in 1914. More recently, the good folks at The Telegraph have updated the original 1914 map with 2016 data. To give just one example, it took five days to reach the East Coast of the United States in 1914. Today, it takes half-a-day.

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The first appeared in Cato At Liberty.

Marian L. Tupy is a senior policy analyst at the Cato Institute and editor of HumanProgress.org.‚Äč

Topics Doing Business/Innovation/Tourism & Leisure/Transportation & Infrastructure/Air Transport/Miles Traveled
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