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16 dec 2015
Markets have reduced a dishwasher's cost by 61% since 1979.
Dishwashers Are More Affordable than Before
By Chelsea Follett

The rise of household appliances transformed lives, dramatically decreasing the number of hours per week devoted to doing laundry, preparing meals, and cleaning. Not only do these devices that you might take for granted, such as the dishwasher, save time, but they have also become more affordable. When cost is measured in hours of labor, the free market has reduced a dishwasher's cost by 61%.

Markets tend to bring down prices, meaning that many material goods are essentially "on sale" when compared to 1979. Explore the data.

Chelsea Follett is the managing editor of HumanProgress.org.

Topics Cost of Living/Cost of Material Goods/Cost of Technology/Labor Productivity/Workforce Hours/Economic Growth
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