This was originally published on Pessimists Archive.

“And unless shareholders get rid of Bezos and the buffoons in the boardroom, those clowns may add a new chapter to the books sold by AMZN called Chapter 11. This company is a joke and so is its leadership.”

Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO, even weighed in on this clipping:

Below is another piece on Amazon stock price, it said it would likely never reach $600 again – today it stands at $3,675.

“ will never again approach its early 2000 share price of nearly $600, and there’s no guarantee the company will make a profit anytime soon.”

But amid the confidence and laughter, Bezos sounds an almost unwitting note of warning. Talking of how he never expected to really make a go of in those early years as he drove across America, he says: ‘Most start-up companies do fail, but most fail slowly. It takes six or seven years for them to fail, usually.’ As Amazon’s fifth anniversary rolls around, Bezos may be wishing he hadn’t said that.