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Your Life In Numbers

Explore how much the world has changed since you were born.


The story of population growth, innovation, and human flourishing on an infinitely bountiful planet.

Simon Abundance Index

Does population growth lead to greater resource scarcity?

Heroes of Progress

A collection of people who have made extraordinary contributions to human wellbeing.

Centers of Progress

The story of civilization is in many ways the story of the city.

Time Prices

A better way to measure improvements in the standards of living.

New and Improved with Johan Norberg

Johan Norberg explores pioneering ecosystems that dramatically changed our world for the better.

Dead Wrong with Johan Norberg

Overturning conventional wisdom with free-market principles.

Classroom Resources

HumanProgress in the classroom.

Grim Old Days

Collection of contemporary accounts of daily life in the past.

Book Reviews

Reviews of some of the books most relevant to human progress.

From Poverty to Progress with Michael Magoon

Michael Magoon explains the origins of progress, and how we can ensure that all of humanity enjoys its benefits.

In Pursuit of Progress with Lawrence Newport

Lawrence Newport examines the lessons of our past, and the vast potential of our future.

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