June 30, 2017

World's Largest Wind Turbine and Other News

By Chelsea Follett
New blood tests to improve cancer diagnosis and care

Biopsies are routinely performed on patients suspected of having cancer. Yet sometimes, these tests are inconclusive. Often they are also expensive, as well as invasive and therefore dangerous. A newly developed liquid biopsy can now detect cancer from a blood sample, because recent advances have made it possible to detect alterations in DNA sequences from just a small amount of blood, leading to more efficient cancer diagnosis.

World’s largest wind turbine

The U.S.’s renewable energy capacity, particularly in wind and solar power, has grown incredibly in the past decade. One of the most efficient business solutions to cheaper wind energy is development of larger turbines. This has led a University of Virginia group of researchers to develop the world’s largest wind turbine, which will be 500 meters. Today’s turbines rarely go beyond 70 meters tall. This new superstructure should generate more energy at a lower price.

New hope for antibiotic resistant infections

Antibiotic resistant bacteria are oftentimes cited as the biggest epidemiologic challenge of the 21st century. Because of overexposure to antibiotic prescriptions in the U.S., resistance has been a rising. Fortunately, researchers from the National Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea have developed a “predatory bacteria” that preys on the pathogen that antibiotics were targeting. These new bacteria-killing machines could prove to be the solution to typical antibiotic treatments inefficiencies.