July 14, 2017

High-Tech Medical Progress

By Chelsea Follett
Biohacking Could Make Us Happier, Healthier and More Productive

Stanford wiz kid and ex-Google employee Michael Brandt recently told CNBC that his company, HVMN is developing a line of supplements designed to boost human productivity. Brandt is pioneering a concept called “biohacking,” which seeks to integrate cyber and biotech to enhance human bodily performance. Nootrobox, one of Brandt’s other startups already sells a brand of supplements designed to improve cognitive functions as well as chewable coffee (Go Cubes), a competitor to 5 Hour Energy drinks. Armed with funding from a prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm, his next act could mark the dawn of a health and wellness revolution.

Want to Slow Aging? A Shark May Hold the Key

A shark is the last place most would expect to find a possible remedy for aging, but that’s exactly what scientists found. The 392 year old Greenland shark is thought to have “long life” genes embedded within its DNA, making its immensely long life possible. Scientists are now in the process of sequencing the shark’s DNA in order to identify the “long life” genes that could lead to breakthroughs essential for developing human anti-aging drugs.

Robots to Perform Knee Surgeries

Of those who have previously undergone a knee operation, only 65% report satisfaction. In response, surgeons are increasingly relying on robots to improve each operation’s accuracy and precision. Tech firms are engaged in a global race to develop and sell new robotic surgical systems for hospitals looking to gain an edge in knee procedures. Stryker spent $1.65 billion to purchase a medical robotics firm and Verily Health Sciences along with Johnson & Johnson are also spending big to enter the space.