July 14, 2017

Advances in GMOs, Artificial Intelligence and Photon Beams

By Chelsea Follett
Genetically Modified Bananas Could Help Solve Malnutrition

What do you get when you put technology, scientists and bananas together? A possible way to curb the nearly 175,000 deaths that occur each year in countries like Uganda, where children perish from a lack of sufficient vitamin A in their diets. Scientists are in the experimental stage of developing bananas with high levels of vitamin A that could easily be integrated into African agriculture and could serve as a remedy to malnutrition. Public suspicion of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is undeserved, as genetically modified food staples like these vitamin-enriched bananas may save hundreds of thousands of children from blindness and death.

Better Communication for Earthlings and Martians

A team of scientists in Tokyo announced last year that they are making major strides in an effort to encode information in photon beams that could be easily transmitted long distances in space. If successful, this new technology could significantly improve the speed and security of data transmissions while making it possible to more easily communicate with future settlements on Mars – instead of relying on radio waves that only transfer small amounts of information at once. The Tokyo team hopes that one day small infrared lasers mounted on fleets of mini-satellites could act as transmitters and receivers, quickly transferring data via light rays directly to their intended destinations.

A.I. is Bad News for Thieves

Much has been said about artificial intelligence (A.I.), but one often overlooked aspect of the technology’s potential is how it could help stop thieves and other criminals. QuantaVerse developed an A.I. enabled software that identifies patterns of suspicious financial activity and reports it to bank staff and law enforcement. The system learns on its own and adapts to new strategies employed by criminals. While the technology is still in its infancy, it could eventually play a key role in fighting fraud and protecting the money in your bank account.